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RIS Talk: ‘Spiritual Sweetness and Consolations’.

The three-hour session was a mesmerizing and spiritually uplifting one and it enlightened the students in their moral value. Usthad Sharafudheen Hudawi Anamagad, (Principal, Darul Huda Islamic University (DHIU) Centre, Punganur, Andhra Pradesh – Darul Huda Punganur) delivered a beautiful address on the topic ‘Spiritual Sweetness and Consolations’ as part of RIS-Talk.

“Islam, the religion that occupies all domains of life was presented to the Students of RAZI by Usthad Sharafudheen Hudawi. Islam is not only a religion, but it is also a lifestyle. It was introduced to the whole of Humanity as a code of conduct. Islam is not a religion of restrictions; it is a religion that promotes freedom to mankind. It is all about doing what our GOD, the Almighty Allah (S.W.T.) said. We often forget the one who created us, who gave us uncountable blessings.

The main factor of kindness is the belief that we humans are equal before Allah. The great mind of a Mu’min is the ability to see everyone as humans, irrespective of their wealth, race, and gender. The fact that Allah is our ‘Rabb’ keeps us away from jealous and arrogant behavior. It makes us kind and be humble to others and our nature.”

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