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RIS Monsoon Camp at Centre for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation-CTBC india, Vagamon

Our boys got a great opportunity to explore nature and were able to refresh their minds during the 2 Days (July 6-7) RIS Monsoon Camp conducted at Vagamon, in association with Centre for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation-CTBCindia. They explored the techniques and discipline in the wilderness of forest, they have made their trek paths to the peak of the mountain by using GIS tools, experienced the threats of wildlife such as anthropogenic madness, invasive flora, and fauna, etc. Razians made their victory after reaching the peak of the target mountain. They absorbed the first few chapters of Biology from nature.

The CTBC team were led by Mr. Sandeep Prabhakaran (Research Botanist) with his crew Andrew Raja Marak (Anthropologist), Sethumadhav (RS&GIS Engineer) and Dr. Satheesh Sathyavardhan (CTBC Senior Advisor, Academician, Environmentalist, and Philosopher). The first day of the monsoon camp ended with great pleasure. The second-day CTBC delivered various sessions in Yoga & Meditation with Dr. Sathish, hands-on experience on Remote Sensing and GIS with advanced GPS and allied tools, guided by Mr. Sethumadhav and a loving discussion about anthropology and wildlife by Andrew Raja Marak.

All of the students who took part in the Monsoon Camp were enriched with positive energy. In the climax of this program, they were in the cloud nine and they are received Centre for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation-CTBCindia Monsoon Camp participation Certificates.

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