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Travel Talk

“Leave your Country in search of Loftiness and Travel! For in travel, there are five benefits; Relief in adversity, Earning of livelihood, Knowledge, Etiquettes, and Noble Companionships..!” : Imam As-Shafie (RA)

It was a great sharing by Usthad Pk Abdul Gafoor Al Qasimi, great Scholar, traveler, philosopher, and Orator working as the Principal, M.S.I, Kundoor on the benefits of traveling and exploring the world of Knowledge and Wisdom.!

Mr.Meharoof Ali, Vice Principal, RIS inaugurated the event chaired by Dr.R.M.Abdul Sathar, Head, Dept.of Islamic Sciences, RIS. C.A.O. Er. Muhammed Raees shared the Memento to Gafoor Qasimy Usathd as a token of love and gratitude from RIS Family. Mr.Ashraf Malayil, Chief Mentor, Mr.Abdussamad, Staff Secretary were gathered in the program.

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