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Academics Ethos

Academic Ethos

Education disciplines a man worthy of his deeds. As by our vision we are making a safe student-friendly campus taught with value-based education thereby making him a productive resource for the morrow.When u seeks for knowledge we ensure it in all quality.


1. Create Legends & Leaders with moral values & spiritual wellbeing.
2. Promote Productive, Creative & Innovative Learning.
3. Experiential Learning with STEM-based Tools
4. Ensure Skill Based – Passion Oriented Academics
5. International Education and Research exposures by visiting International
Universities And Research Institutions
6. Recreating The Lost Legacy Of Islamic Civilization
7. Theme based Practical way of Islamic teaching
8. Embracing the Socio-Cultural diversity of Islamic Philosophy

Director of Academics and Research

Mr.Muhammed Raees PC

Engineer & Researcher AI & Medical Image Processing

Researcher, SCTIMST, Trivandrum.
M.Tech (Signal Processing)
B.Tech (Instrumentation, CUSAT)

Former Intern – India based Neutrino Observatory-INO, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research – TIFR, Mumbai.

[email protected]
+91-7902 66 11 66

Experience learning
Productive learning
Skill-based learning

Experience Learning?

Lessons are never confined in classrooms with blackboards and textbooks but by learning through the reflection of action. Lessons are always considered as an output of a system constituting teachers and students equipped with study materials. Providing the process of experience learning truly makes it a Hands-on Learning procedure; ensuring students are not playing a passive role.

Productive - Creative and innovative learning

The best of teachers is one who shows where to look but never tell what to see. That’s where the students employ there creativeness and innovations on learning. Learning for a purpose is the motive behind productive learning rather than mugging up all lessons. In Order to foster the learning are provided with an infra for art and Science labs, Robotics & Electronics lab, Astronomy lab. Also to flourish the research aptitude we give Innovation hub and students’ incubator. For the real world learning, we even go for organic farming sessions.

Passion-driven Skill-based learning

Where passion is one’s own interest in spending their time for skilled learning which is an acquired knowledge. Finding the passion to skill them so as to give a satisfactory lesson thereby excelling them in future; where it includes the STEM, art, music, and sports under qualified faculties.

In order to ensure the betterment in teaching methodology, we adopt all feasible measures including the STEM education; exuberant classrooms exemplifies Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM provides hands-on and minds-on lessons for the student where learning is pure collaboration and project based. STEM has its meticulous approach were students works closely together in a hands-on way to solve real-world problems.

Language Labs are added exuberant classes for the campus with a minimum of 3 languages to the advanced level. An active pervading under arts, music, and sports lead by excelled faculties promoting the talented kids in their domain of excellence.

Puddling up with values to pamper throughout their life:

We create an environment for learners to know and understand the good and bad walks of life just to fill up the hearts with the treasure of values. We would cover them up with the does and don’ts in manners, ethics, culture, and humanity. We believe in the wisdom of harmony with tranquillity.

Admission open for the academic year 2019- 20

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